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Vape Tanks - How to Choose the Correct One

When you’re new to vaping, all of the options when it comes to vape tanks and other accessories can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips for how to choose the correct vape tank for your set-up.

  • Disposable vs. Rebuildable - It’s important to understand the difference. A disposable tank will likely not last you more than a few months while a rebuildable one can keep going by changing out the parts. There is a higher up-front cost for a rebuildable tank though.

  • Look at Top & Bottom Coil Options - A top coil option is usually more durable but tends to go through juice more quickly. Bottom coil tanks wear out quicker though.

  • Material - Understand the different material options and what they mean for you. Glass is more fragile but often have better performance.

  • Wick or Cartomizer - These are both effective ways to vape. In most cases this is simply a personal preference that you’ll discover after you’ve tried both for awhile.