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Vape Pen Voltage

What are Common Vape Pen Voltage Options?

When you’re looking at the different options for vaping, one of the questions you may have is regarding vape pen voltage. What does the voltage mean to you and what are some common options? Consider the following:

  • Vape pen batteries are sold in a vast array of voltages. There are also variable voltage designs. Your local vape store in St. Pete, FL can help you find the right one for your model.

  • The most common voltage range you will find on vape batteries is 3.3v - 4.8v.

  • For the most part, slim vape pens are in the 3.3v range, but there can be some variation.


If you use the type of battery required for your particular pen, you will have nothing to worry about. Voltage means very little to the end user, unless he or she is looking for a particular power model to vape a specialty eLiquid.