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510 Thread

What Does 510 Thread Mean?

When you’re new to the vaping world, there are a lot of terms and products thrown around that you may not know about. One of those terms is 510 thread. What does 510 thread mean and what does it mean to you as a vaper?

510 thread or 510 threaded is a term which describes the threading that connects a vape cartridge to the battery. For the most common connection, there are usually 10 screw threads and the cartridge is 5 millimeters long. This is how the term 510 came to be.

While this is the most common threading pattern, it is not the only one, so it is important to shop around and make sure you are purchasing the right product for your needs. An employee at your local St. Pete, FL vape shop should be able to help you with any purchases so you don’t wind up with a product you can’t use.